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Learning Skills Consultations

In addition to our long-term academic support services, MindFit offers Learning Skills Consultations. These consultations are open to all WVU students who are interested in improving their academic and self-management skills.  This focused, short-term intervention consists of three, one-hour sessions with a professional academic coach.  The content and structure of each session is determined collaboratively by the student and the MindFit staff member. During the sessions, students will identify their academic goals, their learning strengths and develop an individual plan for academic success and self-advocacy.  The Learning Skills Consultations equip students with the necessary skills to implement a successful approach to college based on principles from cognitive science that address critical areas of time management and effective study strategies. 


Our staff will meet one-on-one to help you

  • manage your time.
  • improve your organization.
  • create an assignment management system.
  • study more effectively.
  • read more effectively.
  • create effective habits for academic & personal success!


Learning Skills Consultations consist of 3 sessions. All 3 sessions are priced at $75.  

For more information, call MindFit's Academic Enhancement Office at 304.293.9232


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