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Tutor Resources

Links for MindFit Tutors

SSC Campus                        File is a PDFStudent-Tutor Expectations
WebTime Entry                      File is a PDFStudent Questionnaire
CRLA Website

Tools  & Apps to Share with Your Students

Google Forms

Time & Assignment Organizers

File is a PDFWeekly Calendar                                             File is a PDFProject Planner

File is a PDFSemester at a Glance Calendar                      File is a PDFEssay Planner

File is a PDF168 Hours (Weekly Schedule)

Graphic Organizers

File is a PDFGoal Setting                                                       File is a PDFOrganizing Paragraphs
File is a PDFMain Idea Organizing (Writing Resource)          File is a PDFEssay Outlining
File is a PDFEvidence Organizing (Writing/Research Resource)

Studying Strategies
File is a PDFActive Studying

File is a PDFPreparing Summary Sheets for Studying

Top 6 Study Stratgies Top 6 Study Strategies Video

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