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Where It Starts

The MindFit screening highlights areas of strengths and weaknesses that can serve as the basis for a comprehensive treatment plan to help students achieve personal and academic success. Often the first step in the MindFit process, the screening allows our staff to better understand the needs of our clients. Following the hour and a half long screening, our staff makes referrals, whether that’s a referral for a Learning Skills Consultation, or for more in-depth testing, or another support.  Our assessments will give students a direction for help and growth.

The screening process is fairly simple. One of our psychologists will talk with you for approximately 20 minutes about the nature of your difficulties. Afterward, you will be asked to complete a few simple screening tests that will help to identify your areas of struggle and strength. The tests include a self-report questionnaire, as well as a computerized task of attention, concentration and behavioral control.

Once the screening has been completed, you will be scheduled for a brief feedback session to review the findings. During this feedback session, the results of the screening will be discussed, and the available services and treatment options will be reviewed. At this time, you will have the opportunity to decide, along with the psychologist, which of these options might be most beneficial.


The MindFit Screening is $35, which includes the initial screening and the feedback session. Additional testing or services vary in prices, however if multiple MindFit services are purchased, discounts are available.  

To schedule a screening or for more information about additional testing services, please call Dr. Dan Long at 304.293.4431.


To pay by credit card for a MindFit screening or testing service click here to be taken to our secure WVU Ecommerce site.

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